Ace Any Interview: 6 Tips To Guarantee You The Job

Written on:March 11, 2014
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The first step to getting a job is acing the interview. With these simple steps, you can impress any interviewer and get the position that you have been dreaming of for so long.

1) Smile

Smiling shows that you are interested in the question and in the interview itself. It also shows that you are confident and personable. Those are all qualities a company wants from its employees. This may seem like a simple step and kind of a no brainier, but by taking this little step you will make the interviewer feel more at ease and convey your interest in the position.

Ace Any Interview- 6 Tips To Guarantee You The Job

2) Answer Questions Concisely

The goal is to answer a question in 60 seconds or less. I think we all understand that even if you prep for an interview sometimes you really do need to think about your answer, also, you don’t want to just spit something out before they finish the question. Taking a moment to tailor what you have to say to this situation shows that you are thinking about it and have something to say. While you never want to omit pertinent details, you shouldn’t ramble or go off on a tangent. The experts from Life Style Staffing recommends following the flow of the conversation. Every company and interviewer are different.


3) Don’t Lie

Don’t talk about things that you never did or educational achievements that you never achieved. For example, you shouldn’t talk about helping to increase sales if you never had a hand in doing so or about your graduate degree program that you never completed.


4) Pause Instead of Using Filler

The worst thing to do in an interview is stutter or say um a lot. This shows that you haven’t thought about the question before the interview or are trying too hard to find words that make yourself sound smarter than you are. If you can’t find a word to use, simply pause until you find what you want to say. Pausing shows respect for the audience and respect for the question you are trying to answer.


5) Never Talk Poorly About a Former Boss

You may be asked to describe something that you didn’t like about your former employer. Do not answer this question directly. Instead, say that everyone was working hard as a team to reach a common goal. Talking about teamwork or respect for others will impress your interviewer.


6) Tell Stories

Telling stories places some context around your answers. When you can show that you have lived the ideals that you espouse during the interview, it makes you sound more genuine. It shows that you have the ability to walk the walk and do the things that you say that you can do. In any job setting, those who can back up their talk are going to go far.


Getting a job interview is merely the first step toward getting a job. However, by smiling, staying positive and telling good stories about past experience, there is no reason why you can’t get the job that you have worked so hard to earn.

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