CAD Jobs – Making Yourself a Hot Commodity With Knowledge

Written on:June 7, 2011
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Computer Aided Drafting or CAD jobs are in high demand these days as the industry as a whole is in short supply of well qualified people. To make matters worse for the CAD industry, there are many who would like to retire and are simply waiting for their replacement to come along before they do.

There are many in the industry who have been at it for a long time now and are set to retire, but are reluctant to do so. The problem is that these people are the so called ‘old timers’ of the business and they learned to structural, mechanical, and architectural design long ago before there was and CAD programs. Many of these ‘old timers’ have worked well past their original intentions and are hoping that the right person will come along and fill their shoes. Why not make that person you?

While you can’t go back to the old days and re-learned design the old fashioned way just to get in good favor with the ‘old timers’ you can learn a lot from them and give yourself an edge and start the process of becoming a hot commodity in the CAD industry. In the CAD business knowledge is the best tool to have when trying to find a CAD job and who better to learn from then the people who have been doing it even before there were the wonderful technological breakthroughs that we have now?

Once you have spent some time with the ‘old timers’ you should have a good idea of where you want to proceed in the CAD industry. Here is where many make a mistake and simply look for a CAD job within a very broad sector. Don’t do this to yourself, instead narrow your choices down and get really specific. This will allow you to figure out what specialty training may be required of you in order to get the CAD job you are after.

To make yourself an extremely hot commodity in the CAD jobs market all you really have to do besides be educated is find a niche within the sector that interests you that nobody else wants to do. Once you have found this niche then work as hard as you can to become an authority in the niche. By doing so you make your skills invaluable to employers and you all but guarantee a good paying CAD job for yourself for the rest of your life.

CAD jobs are very rewarding and fortunately they are also in high demand. Still, only those who are the most qualified will get the high paying CAD jobs so it pays to first know what you want to do and then learn what you need to know. Your local college is a great place to start your knowledge quest once you know what you are after, but never forget to take advantage of the great minds that helped build the CAD industry and learn all you can from those who are willing to share their knowledge with you.

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