How to Hire The Best: Five Tips for More Successful Headhunting

Written on:March 21, 2014
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Finding the right person for the job is an essential part of every industry, including the engineering industry. To get the best, you need to know where they are and how you can entice them to join your business. That’s where headhunting comes into play. Going after the best will take a variety of skills and resources. Here are five tips you can use to attract the best candidates to the job.

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Know the Specs Inside and Out

You cannot find the right person for the job if you do not know what skills and requirements are necessary to fill the job. It may take a few days and a dozen questions to learn all you can about the job, but it is worth it so you can find the right fit faster.

Maintain Confidentiality

Headhunting requires a high level of confidentiality on all sides. Companies looking for qualified candidates will not want others in the industry to know they are searching. On the other side, candidates want their current jobs to be stable while they are still considering other offers. If you can maintain confidentiality for every party, you will find that better qualified candidates for the next job will put their trust in you.

Stay Organized

Headhunting requires a lot of information including job descriptions, resumes and cover letters. To stay organizes, you will need to find a method of how to track applicants that best fits your needs. There are a variety of programs and methods you can use either online or offline to get the job done.

Remember the Follow Up

Following up with the candidate is important, because sometimes it takes a little more effort to get them to really consider the job offer. If you don’t follow up and they are expecting you to, you can easily lose them if they feel ignored. Even if the job doesn’t come through for your company or the candidate, you will always want to follow up and make sure the process is complete before moving on to the next candidate.

Provide Feedback

Both candidates and the person in charge of making the final hiring decision need to have quality feedback throughout the process. If the job turns out not to be the right fit, then the candidate will appreciate tips on what jobs would work best, while the company will have a better understanding of what the candidates are looking for in terms of incentives.

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