In Need of Infrastructure: Job Types in Developing Countries

Written on:March 17, 2014
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In Need of Infrastructure Job Types in Developing CountriesIn a developed nation, most professional careers are in some way related to a business economy. New construction and development is slowed, and the goal becomes to maintain what has been created. The situation is reversed in a developing nation. There is usually very little business economy because there is so small an infrastructure to support it, and there are few goods to sell. Work in developing countries is primarily related to construction and labor.


The Agricultural Engine

It is accepted that trying to prop up a developing country using outside investment from international companies is not ultimately effective. In order for the nation to become developed, it must secure its own infrastructure and production. This begins with agriculture, the greatest employment factor in the world. In most developing nations, agriculture is a slow, expensive process that requires the manual labor of the majority of the population just to secure enough food to survive. By focusing on bringing in new technology, and more efficient methods to agriculture, a developing nation’s food supply can be secured, and workers can be free to go into other professions. Agricultural engineering is thus the most important among the educated careers in a developing nation


Industrial Growth

Once a nation’s food supply is secured, the population’s wealth grows, and so too does the demand for other goods. This stimulates the creation of more advanced industrial infrastructure, including factories and a transportation and communication system to support them. Since fewer laborers are needed on farms, they are free to work in the factories. As factories grow and prosper, the demand for business and commercialization follows because there is a need to manage and sell the products being produced. This is where entrepreneurship and business development become important. Those with business and financial expertise will be required to bring the developing nation’s economy into the globalized marketplace.


Engineering is Key

All developing nations are marked by physical, construction-related growth. Transportation engineers are needed to develop the support infrastructure and civil engineers are needed to tackle the issues of more concentrated populations around factories. Finally, technology is one of the most important factors in bringing a developing nation up to speed. Technical and computer engineers with online engineering degrees are required to bring the new businesses the technology they will need to be effective globally and to allow factories to modernize. Engineering fields of all types are needed in developing countries. This requirement for a professional class will also spur the need for education, although early on most well-educated members will probably get their degrees in a developed nation. Engineering will ultimately be what pushes a developing nation into the modern age.


The world is fast becoming a more fast-paced, industrialized and developed place, and many are wary of the changes that are coming to underdeveloped nations so quickly. Engineering and technology are fast becoming some of the biggest job markets in the world today and are making new nations more and more prosperous.

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