Looking For Something New: 7 Highest In Demand Jobs For 2014

Written on:February 13, 2014
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If you’re thinking about reinventing yourself or looking for a new direction professionally, this is the year for you.

The best way to reinvent one’s self professionally is to know what you want and then see if it applies to what’s in demand. There are currently several fields expected to aggressively search for candidates over the coming 12 months. Here are the top six and if one of them fits your desire and qualifications, look forward to starting your new life.

Looking For Something New- 6 Highest In Demand Jobs For 2014as

Accountants and Auditors

This has always been a steady and growing industry. There isn’t really any type of organization or enterprise that doesn’t need someone to maintain their books. The median pay for these positions can range between $30 and $55 an hour depending on a number of factors.


General and Operations Managers

There aren’t many enterprises that don’t need some kind of project management or employee supervision. Depending on one’s qualifications and history, there’s the possibility of earning at least $45.88 per hour. There is also always the option of starting at the bottom of a company and working your way to the top. This will give you the perfect opportunity to learn the ins and outs of what is needed and build your experience to be perfect for the job.


Training and Development Specialists

The number of jobs in this field has grown eight percent over the last three years. The median hourly earnings are $27.14. Organizations are always going to need qualified individuals that can provide qualified support for their staff and programs.


Labor, Stock and Freight

This field entails a wide range of opportunities in everything from construction to retail. Manual labor is the most common employment opportunity in the world. They don’t necessarily pay well. They can start at minimum wage (though 2012 saw a median of $11.49 an hour).


Occupational Therapists

The reason demand is growing in this field is because of the lack of qualified candidates. It’s a small field that will need growth as the population ages and professional services will be needed for injury recovery and other ailments. These specialized individuals can look to make $36.25 an hour on average.


Physicians Assistant

This is another great option in the medical field that doesn’t take too much training, but offers great rewards. When becoming a PA you can expect to earn around $80,000 on average along with benefits and a great working environment.

Software Developers

This is not only a fast growing category. It is an exceptionally well paying one. Software developers are making an average of $47.59 per hour. Developers are not only finding positions in a number of enterprises, they are doing quite well as independent contractors.

There are also long standing and reliable professions like pharmacists and nurses that will always be in demand. Of course, demand will always be affected by variables like location, industry and availability of qualified applicants. Still, 2014 can be the start of a new career and life for anyone willing to take the dive.

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