On The Job Hunt? 6 Professional Tips To Help Your Resume Stand Out

Written on:January 23, 2014
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Today’s job market is the most competitive we have seen and when you are on the job hunt, you need to make sure that your resume stands apart from the other qualified applicants. This is the first impression you make on a potential boss and company, making sure to show what an asset you will be is the first step in landing that interview. Here are some tips to help you be an obvious choice no matter what the job title or description is.

On The Job Hunt- 6 Professional Tips To Help Your Resume Stand Out

1) Include Job Relevant Keywords

Companies today, often use resume scanning software that looks for keywords in your resume. For example, if you were applying for a job in a pest control company, if you formerly worked for a place called, Premier Pest Elimination, scanning software would automatically pick that up. But if your former or current employer is called Home Services, that automated scanning software might not pick you up as a qualified applicant.


2) Two Pages Or Less

Once your resume gets past machine scanning, and is in front of a human, don’t be too lengthy and verbose. If you have special areas of expertise, you may sometimes go to 3 pages. But for most people, keep it tight and succinct. Don’t let your resume ramble on. Just state the facts of your accomplishments and what skills you are capably of bringing to the table.


3) Focus On Your Accomplishments

Lengthy descriptions of your daily tasks won’t tend to get you noticed by your potential new manager. Focus on things that you did that made you stand out at each one of your jobs.

Did you help the companies profitability? Put it on your resume!

Did you grow revenue? Let your new hiring manager know how you did it, what the base revenue was and how much you grew it.


Remember that a potential employer is looking for how you are going to help their company grow and make money. By showing how you have done this for other companies is going to stand out and get you an interview to talk about how you can apply those skills and abilities to this business.


4) Don’t Include Everything

If you’re older, don’t include your entire work history. Someone looking at your resume will recognize that you’re older. Though it’s illegal to discriminate for age, it’s a fact that it can and does happen. It is also a nice bonus to have all that work experience behind you, you can pick and choose which jobs pull out the right attributes to showcase for this job. Just make sure to put thought into what this job is looking for and tailor each resume to each job for the greatest success.


5) Add An Objective

The objective can be a controversial part of the resume. Some resume writers recommend not including it and think that it’s old fashioned. But, this is a place to show a hiring manager where you are focused and you can fine tune your marketing message. This can be the right place to tailor your messaging to the particular job you’re applying for. (e.g. “Bank Teller with 5 years of experience seeks entry level managerial position in a fast paced business bank.”)


6) Contact Information

It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many resumes accidentally leave out a phone number or email address. Make sure that you have all your current and updated information and give them different avenues to get in touch with you.


These resume tips will help your resume stand out and get you noticed in no time!

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