On The Job Hunt: 7 Reasons You Ain’t Getting Those Call Backs

Written on:April 24, 2014
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Job hunting in the modern age can be incredibly frustrating. Not only is unemployment rampant, but with computerized applications, you might feel like you’re sending your resume into the ether, never to be viewed by a real person. If you’ve been sending tons of job applications but aren’t getting any callbacks, read on for six common problems that might result in lack of an interview.

On The Job Hunt- 7 Reasons You Ain't Getting Those Call Backs

1. Follow Instructions

Most job notices ask for very specific things; for example, a resume, cover letter, and salary requirements. Applications that are missing one of these items might very well go straight to the no pile. Make sure that you are following directions to the letter for every job you apply to. Although it might be time consuming, it will be worth it when you get an interview.


2. Accomplishments Over Experience

Structure your resume so it highlights what you’ve achieved at your previous positions rather than specific tasks. Employers don’t care what you did on the day to day as much as they care about how you can help their company excel.


3. Punch Up Your Cover Letter

If you’ve been using the same form cover letter for every job application, it shows. Use the letter as an opportunity to grab the hiring manager’s attention by highlighting reasons you’d be great for the role beyond what your resume might show. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.


4. Timing is Everything

If you’re applying for jobs that have been posted for more than a week, your resume might not ever be seen by the hiring manager. For best results, make job searching your full-time job and apply immediately to the positions you’re interested in.


5. Reference Keywords

Especially in large companies, resumes are often computer screened for certain keywords before they are ever seen by the hiring manager. Make sure you punch up your resume with specific action-oriented words from the job description.


6. Check Your Online Presence

We live in a technology day and age, and even if you don’t consider yourself social media crazed, you most likely have some sort of online presence. Before sending out your resume expungement lawyers from Fort Worth recommend searching your name and seeing what types of photos or references come up. For many companies these is a vital part of the hiring process. This gives them an opportunity to see what type of person you are beyond the resume and interview.


7. Make it Perfect

If you have any typos, formatting errors, misspellings, or other mistakes in your application materials, you’ll go straight to the no pile. Double and triple check applications before sending, especially for things like the spellings of the company and hiring manager’s name.


While applying for jobs without much result can be daunting, taking these steps can help your resume stand out from the pack and increase the number of callbacks you receive. When you do get that invitation for an in-person meeting, make sure to prepare well and impress.

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