Projected Job Growth for CAD Technicians

Written on:December 6, 2011
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Since the 1980s, computer aided design, or CAD, technicians have been an important part of the complex process of drafting up and constructing all kinds of things. Everything from structures, buildings, and complex and intricate tools are all now completed thanks in large part to CAD technicians. While the job growth for CAD technicians has certainly seen a growth since its inception, what is the outlook going forward?

As technology continues to play a bigger role in the world today, the need for skilled and qualified CAD technicians is going to grow. This has already become quite evident as many industries that used to rely on pen and paper have made way for a more precise way of designing the complexities that make almost everything that will be constructed. Using computers allows for a more precise design and ends up saving time and resources all around, so it makes sense that CAD technicians will continue to be in high demand going forward.

As it stands now, the job growth of CAD technicians is growing, but not at the same pace as many other industries. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, estimated back in 2006 a growth rate of around 6% per year for the AutoCAD technician until the year 2016. When compared to other industries that are seeing an extreme amount of growth right now, 6% may not seem all that impressive.

However, what needs to be looked at is the consistency of the job growth. While some industries will have an explosion of job growth for a year or so, many of these same industries will suffer after the boom and may even show a decline. In the world of CAD technicians, this has simply not proven to be the case. While the job growth may not be spectacular in terms of raw numbers, what is spectacular is the constant job growth that CAD technicians enjoy.

The one catch may actually be in the area that a CAD operator chooses to work. Some types of CAD technicians will always be in higher demand than others and this really all depends on what is going on in the technology world the time. For instance, an aeronautical CAD technician may be in more demand versus a product specific CAD technician if there is a sudden surge in aircraft design.

But what can’t be ignored is the consistent job growth despite tougher economic times. This is going to be a trend that likely continues as more and more industries show a demand for CAD technicians. This is because of their move towards modern manufacturing, which results in the need to conform in all areas, including finding qualified and skilled CAD operators.

With quality CAD training and some dedication on your part, you may discover that you too can find success as a CAD technician as the job growth should continue in the years to come. While the job growth may not be the flashiest around, just remember that slow and steady often wins the race.

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