Switching Gears: 5 Jobs You Haven’t Considered as a Career Yet

Written on:July 16, 2013
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switching gears 5 jobs you haven't considered as a career yetIf you’re thinking of switching careers, then you might be wondering where to start. Every job offers a fresh start. With so many different types of jobs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are five jobs that you may not have considered.


Travel Agent

Many people forget that travel agents still exist. With the world of online hotel booking and ready technology, it is popular to choose to book cruises and other vacations individually. However, travel agents still provide a valuable service, particularly for those with extravagant travel needs or who find online booking suspicious or complicated. Becoming a travel agent will introduce you to many different people and provide ample outlet for your need to explore new cultures and areas.



It might not sound like an interesting job, but accountants actually do more than crunch numbers. As an accountant, you can work in many different facets of the financial industry. You might work as an internal auditor for a major corporation or the government. With stability and solid job growth, accounting remains one of the top jobs. If you’re good with numbers and enjoy working with people, then consider a career as an accountant.


Personal Injury Attorney

If you’re looking for a research-based job that allows you to help people in need, then personal injury may suit your interests. Becoming a personal injury attorney in Sacramento takes years of education and training, but the rewards outweigh the means. You will be able to help people recover their just compensation for accidents and other mishaps.



You might not know it, but companies all over the world employ people to purchase their necessary business items for them. Like a buyer for the fashion industry, purchasers buy equipment that a company needs in order to operate. For example, a vending company may purchase machinery from manufacturers and compare the price of stock. A purchaser relies on sharp intellect and business knowledge to make sound buying decisions.


Freelance Web Writer

The Internet has opened up a whole world of online jobs, and one of the most lucrative is freelance web writing. If you enjoy writing and have a good grasp of the English language, then you can make a decent living by writing from home. Many companies exist that offer a hub for you to explore this unique opportunity. Make sure that you do adequate research before committing to a writing site.


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