Tips for Searching for CAD Jobs

Written on:March 17, 2012
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If you are looking for a lucrative and meaningful career with a technical drawing orientation, then a CAD-related job may be right for you. CAD – computer-assisted design – offers many exciting career opportunities and anticipated job openings for those interested in this line of work. How do you find a CAD job? Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

•Visit CAD job boards. There are several coordinating job lists that routinely post new openings in a number of CAD occupations, including Designer, Drafter, CAD Technician, CAD Operator, etc. Depending on your training and work experience (if any), you can quickly locate jobs pertinent to your skills and background.

•Look for special features of CAD job boards that offer extra information. Geographical job searches focused on certain parts of the country, software review discussion boards, and industry trade shows or events are great ways to learn more about career opportunities and become more knowledgeable about related aspects of CAD. You can also locate particular types of CAD employment, like AutoCAD and 3D designs.

•Visit job listings for companies where you want to to work. These may be located near your hometown or might be companies that interest you for long-term career potential. You could even contact the Human Resources department of these companies to ask about possible future openings for CAD positions.

•Contact your college or university job placement service. These offices frequently have information about job openings in specific fields. Sometimes they are familiar with area companies that occasionally post CAD positions.

•Register for special industry events. Trade shows, job fairs, conferences or conventions, software demonstrations, and seminars are perfect places to meet prospective employers, possibly schedule an interview ahead of time to be conducted at the event, and network with colleagues who may be able to provide references job leads in the future.

•Browse general job boards, such as Or use a preferred search engine like Google to find CAD jobs that don’t necessarily get posted solely to a CAD job list.

•Consider discussing your job search with a professional employment placement agency or headhunter. Usually you can learn about an agency’s capabilities by visiting the website first.
CAD jobs combine creative artistry with technical ingenuity. They can be found in many diverse industries from engineering to construction. CAD is also used for animation effects in making movies. Even if you accept an entry level position at first, you may have the opportunity to work up through the company ranks to a higher-level position.

More than ever before, a professional job search can lead to numerous possibilities in CAD-related industries. This is an excellent time to explore the many employment options currently available as well as those anticipated to open up in the future.

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