Uses for 3D CAD Design Software

Written on:December 2, 2011
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3D CAD Software – What Is It and How Is It Used?

CAD (computer aided design) software is a type of software program that can be used to make the design process easier. It allows you to utilize a computer while designing two and three dimensional objects. It can be used for vector drafting, solid and surface modeling and more. Some people even use CAD software to view designs from multiple angles and to determine the type of materials to use and the associated processes and tolerances associated with a design. CAD is used in automotive design, architecture, construction, manufacturing and even in the film industry.

How Does CAD Benefit Companies?

One of the biggest benefits associated with the use of CAD software is the ability to save money and time. Since 3D CAD software allows an engineer to test models and specifications of designs early on it saves companies from having to create prototypes unnecessarily. It also gives companies the opportunity to play around with many ideas before settling in on a final one. For example a car maker may use this software to design new models and test them for things like aerodynamics and safety before a prototype is ever created. The construction industry might use a tool like this to design things like homes, buildings and offices. This shortens the design time required and makes it much easier to make changes to designs.

CAD software is even used in many applications by the general public. Companies offer CAD services to people so that they can get a better idea of how a finished project might look. For example a cabinet company might use CAD to help you plan the layout of a new kitchen or bathroom. This allows the consumer to try different arrangements and to choose a setup that will be the most convenient for their family.

CAD is also used in the film industry. If you have ever seen a 3D movie, you have seen CAD at work. It can also be used to add in characters in a traditional 2D movie. For example in The Lord of the Rings, the character Golom was created using a CAD type program.

Why CAD?

CAD software saves companies a lot of money. It allows them to make the design process easier. Additionally when used by consumers to design a kitchen or a bathroom it saves the company from having to hire a designer to do the work while allowing consumers to create a design that better suits their needs. CAD, especially 3D CAD, speeds up the design process.

If you are interested in trying CAD software for yourself you can find many free and paid versions of this software available online. It is a fun way to experiment with different 2D and 3D models.

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