Written on:July 16, 2011
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autocad reviewsAutoCAD incorporates flexible features into their design and documentation software with thousands of add-ons available. With the intuitive design, share and explore ideas with 3D CAD tools customized for your specific needs.

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So many industries today are benefiting from computer aided design (CAD). Computer aided design programs allow designers to effectively draft designs using two dimensional and three dimensional imaging. AutoCAD is one of these revolutionary software programs gaining popularity in the world of design and manufacturing. It used to be that designers and engineers hand drew their designs, which was time consuming to say the least. Now, with computer aided design, time is saved as well as money.

Countless industries are using AutoCAD programs, some of these are; automotive, architectural, fashion and many types of manufacturing companies. There is a lot of competition out there today, and companies need to do everything possible to stay competitive with their competition. They need to work more efficiently and cost effectively, all while beating their competition to the market. AutoCAD software is helping them do just that. AutoCAD is one of the most recognized computer aided design software in the world.

AutoCAD is a computer aided design program that offers designers and engineers two dimensional and three dimensional drafting and design tools. Not only can they design products and plans, they can actually analyze them before even going to the assembly line. Having the ability to create a three dimensional prototype and analyzing its functions virtually has revolutionized manufacturing. With the ability to study the prototype virtually, engineers can find any flaws in the designs and correct them easily without even producing the first model. This is not only a time saver for companies, but a big money saver as well. Manufacturers are able to produce products that are safe and efficient in a shorter amount of time then ever before. AutoCAD software is helping companies keep costs down, and production up.

AutoCAD has simplified the entire development and manufacturing process. AutoCAD is loaded with outstanding features and has advanced three dimensional tools and animation that allow for better three dimensional models and prototypes. Presentations using AutoCAD software are more professional and much easier to comprehend. You can actually watch the product in action before it is even produced. Viewers of the presentation will walk away with a better understand of how the product will act in real life which creates a more powerful presentation.

AutoCAD has developed several programs specific to certain industries such as; AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, and AutoCAD Electrical, to name a few. The automobile industry is one of the industries using AutoCAD in designing its motors more effectively. Electrical engineering is another industry taking advantage of the advanced technology AutoCAD offers.

AutoCAD software is very comprehensive and will require some amount of training. There are courses available in all areas of computer aided design. Once trained on the use of AutoCAD software, it is important to maintain your certification. Changes and updates are made to continue to offer the best computer aided design software out there. AutoCAD is changing the way the world designs and manufactures products, giving designers all the tools they need to create spectacular designs.


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