Written on:July 14, 2011
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solidworks reviewsSolidWorks Premium is a complete 3D solution in the family of Solidworks products.  Test designs against real life motion and forces. More toolsets to assist with layout and document electrical wiring, piping, and tubing.

$4495, significant discounts to students, free trial


Solidworks is one of the best known CAD software programs in the World. Over 100,000 companies worldwide are currently using Solidworks programs. Today we can find hundreds of thousands of engineers, architects, designers and developers who are using computer aided design (CAD) in their designing projects. There are many industries that have turned to the use of CAD. Not only are they saving money, but their designers are able to complete projects quicker and get their products on the market faster.

Solidworks is a 3D mechanicalCAD (computer aided design) program that was introduced in 1995. Solidworks operates on Microsoft Windows. The program uses easy to use interface that is like Windows. With toolbars, icon command buttons and menus, it is very user friendly and is fairly easy to learn to use. There are many Solidworks training programs available and professionals should consider enrolling in them.

Solidworks allows mechanical designers to finish their designs more quickly and efficiently. Companies use to have to wait until prototypes of their products were first designed, then manufactured in the plant before they could begin testing and analyzing. With SolidWorks designers and engineers can do all of the simulating and testing virtually. The virtual prototype acts as it would in the real world. If corrections are necessary, changes can be made more quickly using SolidWorks. This is saving companies a great amount of time and money.

Solidworks has greatly changed the way many industries are creating and manufacturing products. SolidWorks is a great tool for mechanical engineers. It is a very creative tool for developing mechanical designs. SolidWorks’ capabilities make it much easier to analyze geometrics and complex forms and create outstanding product designs that are safer and more efficient.

Engineers can use SolidWorks advance capabilities to speed up, and improve the process of taking the design to the manufacturing plant. Using SolidWorks program can reduce design errors and help eliminate the risk involved with producing faulty products which in the long run will help reduce cost and liability.

SolidWorks does require some training and skill knowledge. To stay at the top of their game, engineers, designers and architects should seek CAD certification and keep their skills updated.

With the development of CAD software such as SolidWorks, companies no longer need to keep large departments full of designers. The SolidWorks software streamlines the entire design and manufacturing process allowing these companies to work more efficiently and more cost effectively. The dramatic changes in the way our products are designed, analyzed and brought to the production line have given manufacturers and product developers a boost in staying competitive.

The development in computer aided design (CAD) technology is simply amazing. There have been so many advances in design and manufacturing, and Solidworks is one of the software programs that are leading the computer aided design revolution. It has cut back on manufacturing errors and has greatly decreased expenses to manufacturers allowing them to stay competitive with their competition. SolidWorks is definitely one of the leaders in computer aided design (CAD).

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