Quitting Rates Around the Country: 5 Jobs That Don’t Last

Written on:August 8, 2013
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Job-related stress is present in every workplace. However, certain jobs just seem to be more undesirable to most people than others. Employers seem to have hard time retaining workers in the following positions.

Quitting Rates Around the Country 5 Jobs That Don't Last

1) Nurses

Nursing is said to be one of the most rewarding careers that one can have because of the joy that comes from treating and healing patients. Unfortunately, job satisfaction is one of the few pros of the nursing profession aside from the good pay. Nurses do very grueling physical work. Combined with the extra long shifts and odd hours, the job can be extremely mentally and physically exhausting. Patients and their families can also be angry, belligerent, and very hard to deal with.


2) Property Investor/Flipper

Unless you are very good at what you do, making a living as a property investor can be tougher than nails. Not only will you need a pretty good amount of savings to start out buying properties, you’ll also have to figure out how to sell them quickly. Selling is often the most frustrating part of the work, and factors such as location, current state of the economy, and personal persuasion skills can determine your success. There are also many legalities involved. A quitclaim deed is sometimes required for transferring a property to its new owner, for example. If you are new to the business, can help you learn more about quitclaim deeds and other legal paperwork.


3) Customer Service Representatives

Even the most outgoing and friendly individuals can get discouraged very quickly by working as a customer service rep. The job requires offering top-notch help no matter how disrespectful the customer can be–and that’s a very hard thing to do when you are constantly on the receiving end of the attacks.


4) Fast-Food Workers

Like customer service reps, fast-food workers have to deal with a lot of rude people everyday on the job. They also typically get low wages and work in hot, dirty, and cramped environments. All of these undesirables plus limited advancement opportunities can make this line of work pretty hard to endure for any extended length of time.


5) Sales Associates

When it comes to sales, performance is everything. Salespeople rely on their interpersonal skills and persuasion tactics to make a sale. However, many of them only receive commission or a low wage in addition to commission. Sales associates may also deal with rude customers on a regular basis. The constant stress of an unstable salary, pressure to perform, and interacting with unpleasant people can make sales associates give up early in their careers.

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