Top Five Apps To Have To Make You a More Savvy Shopper

Written on:July 10, 2013
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Top Five Apps To Have To Make You a More Savvy ShopperIf you want to be a savvy shopper, there are some applications that can help you. These apps can help you budget and help you keep track of what you need. Here are some of our suggestions to help make you a savvy shopper.


Ibotta is compatible with both iPhone and Android platforms. This application allows users to learn facts about products and take surveys about products to earn products. You can also store the receipts by taking a picture. Savvy shoppers can earn up to $40 every shopping trip. When you redeem offers of $5 or more, the funds can be transferred to your PayPal account. Savvy shoppers are getting paid at Walgreens, Target, and other major retailers. Bonuses are often provided to new customers.


LearnVest is a great financial planning application. If you have a problem keeping a budget, this app can help. Most people use it to set financial goals and track their progress. This application can keep track of your assets, your net worth, and your debt. Your financial numbers will be well-organized with this application.


ShopSavvy allows users to read reviews on products before purchasing them. You can make a list of what you need for your future purchases and also record your favorite finds. Price alerts can be set with a price drops below a specified level. All finds can be shared on Facebook or Twitter. The application focuses on major retailers such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

Google Shopper

This free application is available for both iPhone and Android users. Your phone’s camera can be used to scan the cover of the CD, book, DVD, or video game to find the best prices at stores represented on the Internet. This application can also read barcodes and find out more about the product.

Our Groceries

Our Groceries helps families organize what every family member needs in the home. Every family member’s purchases can be synchronized to avoid multiple people buying the same item and no one purchasing another item. When any family member makes a change to the list, every member will receive a notification of the change. You can also use this application with a iPad. If necessary, you can obtain a new iPad Sim card from


Try These Five Apps and Become a Savvy Shopper. If you want to become a savvy shopper, you should incorporate these apps into your normal shopping routine. You’ll be surprised at how your efficiency and shopping experience improves. Share your favorite applications with your friends!

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