What Now? 5 Necessary Steps to Take After Losing Your Job

Written on:June 25, 2013
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Losing your job is a challenge that can feel like it’s derailing your entire life. From the financial repercussions to the emotional baggage, dealing with a job loss is incredibly difficult. Fortunately, a lay-off or firing does not need to feel like the end of the world. By taking the necessary steps after losing your job, you can ensure you are prepared for the road ahead and help maximize your chances of finding a new position as quickly as possible.


Tie Up Loose Ends

After receiving notification of your job loss, you may be tempted to pack your bags and run. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure you address issues like back pay, vacation benefits and unemployment before flying the coop. This will allow you to focus on the next stage of your career.


It is also important to note the reason for your termination. Lay offs and legitimate firings occur from time to time, but some employees are let go prematurely. If you have questions about your situation, consider consulting with an employment discrimination attorney in San Diego.


Start the Job Hunt

It is easy to wallow in sorrow after a job loss, but the quicker you put yourself out there, the sooner you will find a new job. Try investing a few minutes each day to peruse ads and send in applications. This will help keep the hunt manageable.


Avoid Disparaging Your Employer

In the modern, connected world, many former employees have made the mistake of disparaging their old companies. Unfortunately, this can have a myriad of unpleasant repercussions. Keep things cordial and maintain a professional attitude—it will likely prove better for your professional prospects and emotional health.


Get Support

Starting a new career is a process that sometimes drags on for months. Getting professional support is a smart way to learn more about the solutions available to you. Many cities have career centers where experts provide guidance and advice that can prove invaluable in continuing your search for the right job.


Lean on Friends and Family

Job loss is something that can affect anyone. Do not allow yourself to feel ashamed about your newly unemployed status. Instead, be honest and upfront with your friends and loved ones. Not only will this allow you to heal from the scars you may carry, but it could result in a promising lead on a new career.

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